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Haccombe-with-Combe Parish Council
The Parish Council is an essential part of local democracy and has powers to use the precept for the benefit of the Parish. We are committed to representing the interests of the community and constantly strive to improve the life of our parishioners and enhance the local environment.




Haccombe-with-Combe Parish is represented by 8 councillors; 6 for the rural ward and 2 for the urban ward, who are elected to serve for up to four years. There is provision for a by-election or co-option when a vacancy occurs. The Parish has 591 registered voters, 420 in the rural ward and 171 in the urban ward. The Council employs a (very) part-time clerk.


We work closely with the District and County Councillors, community groups, police, business and, most importantly, our residents. We budget wisely and look for best value for money and seek opportunities for external funding to improve the Parish. We support local community organisations and new initiatives for the benefit of the Parish, and also manage assets including the Village Car Park and Hearn Field. The day to day management of Hearn Field is looked after by a committee which meets separately.


High Tide From Coombe Cellars


The Parish Council also provides a conduit for information between the District and County Councils and local people. It voices concerns on issues such as highway maintenance, traffic, refuse collection and policing. We are consulted on local planning applications and although we can inform the local authority of our views, we cannot approve or reject applications ourselves. Planning applications are dealt with either within the monthly meeting or by the Planning Committee (which is a committee of the Parish Council).


Our County Councillors (Alistair Dewhirst and Gordon Hook), our District Councillors (Mike Haines and Sheila Cook) and our Community Police Officer PC Rob Harvey usually attend Parish Council meetings. The current Parish Councillors are Tim Boarer (Chair), Gill Humble (Vice-chair), Andra Johnstone, Julia Evans, Sue Duggleby and David Squires. The Parish clerk is Suzanna Hughes


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The public and press are welcome to attend all meetings of the Council (unless temporarily excluded by a special resolution). A period of up to 15 minutes is available at the beginning of the meeting when the public can ask questions or make statements. After this they may only speak at the Chairman’s discretion.

Council meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of the month in the committee room of the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Agendas and minutes for the past 3 meetings are available below.



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